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Quality in Focus

For Ce-Tec, quality is a combination of good service and proper conditions for our customers, while ensuring high safety and promoting the health of our employees without compromising the environment.

Ce-Tec wants to be one step ahead on these parameters, and we focus on high quality at all levels. Quality and accountability are inextricably linked, and we put accountability as our main concern in all our activities.

The heart of our business is our dedication to serve our customers in the best way with optimal solutions based on delivery of high-quality service on agreed time. To ensure this in the best possible way, Ce-Tec is a responsible company that complies with all legal and regulatory requirements and is DS / EN ISO 9001: 2015 certified. We use the Sherlock IT platform to facilitate our quality assurance and management, so that the work is rigorous and transparent for management at all levels.

Quality is also distinguished in our quest to find the right qualified people on good terms for both the customer and the employee.

In addition, our intentions are that all activities should be carried out with the utmost regard for the safety, health and the environmental impact of the persons and other parties involved. Our goals are: Zero injuries, no work-related illnesses and no harmful effects on the environment.

That is why we prioritize HSE work, and the company continuously engages its employees to contribute constructively to promoting safety, health and the environment in everyday life. We emphasize informing and educating employees so that they can protect themselves, the people around them and their environmental footprint.

We make a virtue of continually motivating our employees to a positive HSE culture both internally at Ce-Tec as well as having to take an active part in the HSE work at customers' workplaces and follow the rules that apply at all times.

Therefore, employees' health, safety and well-being are a top priority at Ce-Tec, because our employees are the basis for the company's growth and satisfied customers.

Through our work environment policy and our work environment organization, we work systematically in accordance with the rules of OHSAS 18001 to ensure constant focus on our work environment.

The environment around us is everyone’s responsibility and therefore Ce-Tec is committed to optimize the use of resources through reusing, recycling and reduction of consumption. We also encourage all our employees to use resources wisely so that they are used optimally.


Ce-Tec has been given the green smiley of the Danish Labor Inspectorate:

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